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Il nuovo Erasmus Plus Platonic è realtà

The new Erasmus Plus “Platonic” is here. The project to counteract developmental delays in children from 0-6 years of age begins

The PLATONIC project springs from the need to create tools to identify developmental delays in children early on. Professionals from the field of psychology, medicine, science and education suggest that the earlier the intervention begins the greater is the possibility to improve the developmental trajectory. The partners of the PLATONIC project, conscious of this need, want to implement a few good practices that call for the creation of standardized tools for screening and strategies to work with children with delays.

The objectives of the project aim to:

  • create evidence-based practices in the area of early intervention for children with developmental delays;
  • digitalize the practices of early intervention through the creation of an early intervention platform;
  • create a tracking application to monitor children’s development;
  • allow parents, assistants and professionals from the field of disability to access the platform and the application;
  • improve the competency and ability level of disability professionals;
  • promote improvements of quality and excellence of innovation at the level of higher educational institutions through greater transnational cooperation.

The project therefore calls for the development of the following outcomes:

  • guidelines for monitoring children’s development and strategies for intervention in cases of children with developmental delays;
  • e-learning platform with contents related to child development;
  • platform with strategies to improve children’s course of development (a mobile application to easily access the intervention platform);

The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation, Italian partner of the project, will be responsible for the second output – the realization of the e-learning platform on tools for screening and early intervention.

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