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The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation, through its Institute of Research for Neuroscience, Education and Didactics (RINED), has organized the event “RESILIENCE FOR THE FUTURE: an international round table to promote resilience in times of the Covid-19 pandemic”. The round table was held on January 19 with the participation of neuroscientists, researchers, teachers, psychologists and educators from 9 countries worldwide: Canada, USA, France, Italy, Kosovo, Turkey, Israel, India and Kenya.

The event was useful in order to identify prevention and intervention strategies to face the emergency, presenting good practices to respond to the social challenges that characterize the present moment.

Watch the speeches of the round table and let yourself be inspired!

The aim of the round table was to contribute to the awareness and understanding of the pandemic’s real impact on the life of individuals and communities and to gather the scientific contributions towards an international outlook.

The speakers underlined the importance of resilience as a tool to prepare people to face adversities and changes.

In particular, the researchers suggested answers to questions that study the impact that the pandemic has had and is still having on various countries, the way in which resilience has represented a resource in relation to prevention and intervention strategies and how research can contribute to make the world more prepared and resilient in facing potential future emergencies.

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