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Patrizio Paoletti al Global Education Forum di Madrid

The future of education. Patrizio Paoletti at the Global Education Forum of Madrid

On Tuesday, October 5, 2021 the president Patrizio Paoletti contributed with a speech at the event entitled “Social Impact – How can higher education accelerate achievement of the SDGs?”.

It was one of the stages of a global discussion started in September amidst the Global Education Forum on the transformation of higher education and the University system in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The series of meetings, round tables, conferences and interviews organized and sponsored by the SEK Education Group will close with the final event planned for October 13-15 in Madrid.

Despite joint efforts, the 2030 Goals are still distant. After the open discussion in September 2020 by the Network of solutions for the sustainable development of the United Nations (SDSN) and the guide“Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities” it has become clear thathigher education and Universities can play a central role in reaching goals by structuring mindsets, roles and connections in order to generate new systematic solutions.

The educational challenge has never been more urgent. The social, environmental, and economic crises at the heart of global agendas, along with rapid technological transformation, demand new educational modelsthat support a radical change of perspective and pace.

“Providing new generations with tools to deal with complexity and manage it pro-actively today is a priority. – said Patrizio Paoletti – The central objective is the development of skills and innovative approaches that are up to the moment, with the highest innovation ever created as a driver: self-awareness.”

Watch Patrizio Paoletti’s opening speech:

Paoletti presented the research model of the foundation, which for more than 20 years has based its mission on the teaching of neuro-psycho-pedagogy: offering concrete tools to achieve the transformational and proactive potential of each individual.

After the opening speech the event was structured in the form of an interview and Patrizio Paoletti answered four questions: Which mindset change is necessary to reach the Goals? Is there a way to accelerate this change? What is the role of the University? Who can be of help in this process?

Soon we will also share the entire video of the interview on this page.

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