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Who we are

A non-profit research organization founded in Assisi in 2000 by Patrizio Paoletti and a group of researchers, pedagogists, psychologists, sociologists, doctors and entrepreneurs. The Foundation carries out its research programs and pedagogical projects thanks to the support of over 100,000 people in order to achieve a single goal: to allow people to get in touch with their immense potential.

What we do

For over twenty years, the Foundation has been studying human functioning through interdisciplinary research: neuroscientific, psychological, educational, didactic and social. The results of the neuroscientific research together with the most up-to-date knowledge on human functioning, are applied immediately in education and teaching, to promote the best talents in children and adults.

What we are doing today

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La Fondazione compie 20 anni. Celebriamoli insieme!

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Silenzio e coscienza

Lo studio della Fondazione pubblicato dalla rivista Frontiers

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Il cielo è di tutti gli occhi

Il progetto socio-educativo nelle periferie di una Roma resiliente

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Scuole nel mondo

Frontiere educative nei Paesi in via di sviluppo

What they say about us

Education is a treasure: educating ourselves to educate others, to live an oriented and orienting life, to produce a true and continuous improvement

Patrizio Paoletti

Founder and President

Patrizio Paoletti is an internationally renowned trainer leading social projects and educational programs that aim to raise awareness in individuals. Author of a number of scientific publications, he is a member of numerous scientific commissions and committees and has produced publications on the processes of lifelong learning for personal and social development and growth.


Pedagogy for the Third Millennium

Knowing how to do and knowing how to live in order to be

"Pedagogy for the Third Millennium" is the educational method that guides all our Lifelong Learning and Lifewide Education projects. It is the tool of interdisciplinary knowledge and methodologies with which the research results are transferred to the educational and didactic field to promote self-education and education, to bring out the talents and the best part of each person.

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