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With a population of more than 10.85 million inhabitants, Haiti is the poorest country of the American continent. In the aftermath of the earthquake in 2010 the conditions of life deteriorated dramatically for the population. Twelve years later the situation is still very unstable.

Waf Jérémie is one of the poorest shantytowns in the capital Port-au-Prince and is an area that depends almost exclusively on humanitarian aid. Here the children live neglected without the support of the family and are victims of poverty and organized crime. Waf Jérémie is in need of significant structural, health and food interventions: almost half of the inhabitants are below 18 and approximately ¼ of the children below 5 suffer from malnutrition.

New Life for Children works here to guarantee the right of life, physical health and food for children and adolescents who are orphans or abandoned by their parents.

History of the project

New Life for Children has been present in Haiti since January 2010.

With the 2010 earthquake emergency we activated two field clinics dedicated to a population of 30,000 people at the shantytown of Waf Jérémie and Fort Dimanche.

Subsequently our intervention concentrated on basic food assistance for undernourished and malnourished children, offering a hot meal a day for more than 500 children and the construction of a community canteen in the shantytown Waf Jérémie.

In 2013 New Life for Children started the project “A meal for Mikael” offering 4 meals a day to the youngest guests of the “KAY PE GIUSS” (children from 0-10 years.)

Since 2017 the training for educators and educational professionals has been activated.


  • Counteract the malnourishment emergency of malnourished and underweight children.

  • Train educators in the most updated techniques, ideas and tools in the pedagogical field, which can be used in complex contexts such as found in Waf Jérémie.


  • Reduce the malnourishment emergency of children sheltered in the community home “KAY PE GIUSS”, through adequate food supplies, with particular attention to underweight children.

  • Improve the teachers’ teaching efficacy thanks to continuous education and acquisition of new pedagogical knowledge and didactic methodologies.

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