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The Democratic Republic of Congo


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Pre-school, primary and secondary school teachers

‘Schools in the World’ is an international programme that promotes education and healthy nutrition through an avantgarde pedagogical training with the aim of contributing to the physical and psychic wellbeing of the project’s beneficiaries and in that way, achieving what Giovenale hoped for: “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Area of intervention

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Region: Kinshasa
Municipality: M’Budi


Active in the country since 2009
Current project: January – December 2021


Groupe Scolaire Tshiseleka

Present in the country since

January 2008


Despite the fertile land, the vast hydroelectric potential and abundance of mineral resources, the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the poorest countries in the world and finds itself in serious socio-economic difficulties.
Especially the infant mortality rate is very high, malnutrition is widespread, there is poor vaccination coverage and the access to drinking water is limited.


  1. Improve the training offer of the pre-school and primary school educational programme in M’Budi.
  2. Guarantee healthcare for all children of the beneficiary schools, providing easy access to prevent and cure frequent diseases.
  3. Tackle the malnutrition emergency in children from 3-6 years old from pre-schools in M’Budi.
  4. Train teachers and school staff in the most updated techniques in the field of pedagogy
    Expand and improve the school building through building interventions.


Educational component:

  • Distribution of 992 educational kits;
  • A scholarship for a disabled child;
  • Consolidation of educational staff.

Health component:

  • Basic healthcare focused on prevention (typhus fever, malaria, dysentery, infections, etc.) through 2 medical exams a year for all 496 beneficiary students;
  • Purchase and supply of necessary medication.

Nutritional component:

  • Monitoring of children at risk of malnutrition;
  • Supply of 1 complete meal a day, to each child in the age range of 0-5 years (50) of the pre-school in M’Budi for the entire school year.

Training component:

  • One training seminar.

Expected results


Improve the conditions of life and of personal development of the beneficiary children, through the update and enrichment of the educational offer.


Improvement of the health of the students from the two beneficiary schools through the achievement of a preventive medical programme and the supply of an adequate quantity of medicine.


Reduce the malnutrition emergency of the youngest students, through the procurement of food in the school canteen, with particular attention to children who are underweight


Increase of the effectiveness of the educational intervention by the teachers through the continuous education and improvement of the knowledge and pedagogical practices.


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