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Department of Neurosciences

Conferences and organized events
  • Memories in movement: the effects of training on autobiographical memory (2020) – part of the Week of the Brain 2020 events
  • LogicaMente.2 – World Logic Day (2020)
  • 1st International Conference on the Neurophysiology of Silence (2019). International Conference organized by the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation in partnership with the Bar-Ilan University (Israel) and the Sapienza University of Rome.
  • Resilient children: How to help our children to become responsible and happy adults (2019) – Lecture held by Patrizio Paoletti and Adele Diamond
  • Neurophysiology of Silence (2019) – part of the Week of the Brain 2019 events
  • LogicaMente (2019)
  • From Philosophy to Neurobiology. The effects of training on man’s possible improvement. (2018) – Rome (Italia)
Conferences that we participated in and related work presented
  • Creativity (2019) – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
    Ben-Soussan*, T. D., Creating a creative brain: training to enter the center of the Sphere.
    Paoletti*, P., Emptiness and creativity according to the Sphere Model of Consciousness.
  • Healthy and Active Children Meeting (2019) – Verona (Italy)
    De Fano*, A., Pesce, C., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Creativity and Physical Activity: focus on Mindful Movement.
    De Fano*, A., Marchetti, R., Peisino, C., Ben-Soussan, T. D., Condello, G., Pesce, C., Motor proficiency, creativity and cognition: Does a history of enrichment in primary physical education matter?
    Mazzoli*, E., Salmon, J., Teo, W.P., Pesce, C., He, J., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Barnett, L.M., Breaking up classroom sitting with cognitively challenging active breaks to improve children’s cognition.
  • XI National Congress of SISMES (2019) – Bologna (Italy)
    De Fano*, A., Marson, F., Paoletti, P., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Exploring the frontal theta oscillations during the practice of Quadrato Motor Training: a pilot study.
  • Sport Medicine Australia (2019) – Queensland (Australia)
    Mazzoli*, E., Salmon, J., Teo, W.P., Pesce, C., He, J., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Barnett, L.M.. The mediating effects of breaking up classroom sitting with cognitively engaging or simple active breaks on children’s cognition.
  • Movement and Cognition (2019) – Tel Aviv (Israel)
    De Fano*, A., Marson, F., Paoletti, P., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Quadrato motor training effects on CNV and motor preparation: implication for healthy aging.
    Lasaponara, S., De Fano*, A., Ben-Soussan, T.D.,  Frontal Theta Power Increase: a first potential mechanism of the mindful movement practice-induced cognitive improvement?
    Marson*, F., Paoletti, P., De Fano, A., Ben-Soussan, T.D.,  QMT-induced molecular and cognitive effects: the case of autism.
  • International Society for the Study of Individual Differences Conference (2019) – Florence (Italy)
    Ben-Soussan*, T.D., Paoletti, P., Emotion and cognitive regulation following Quadrato Motor Training: electrophysiological, biological and neuroanatomical findings.
  • Body, senses and neural oscillations, an integrated approach to human perception and behavior (2019) – Pescara (Italy)
    Marson*, F., Paoletti, P., De Fano, A., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Oscillatory cerebral activity during diagonal arm movements performance.
  • ANT Neuromeeting (2019) – Beaune (France)
    Marson*, F., Paoletti, P., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Diagonal movements: the integrative role of theta oscillations.
  • X National Congress of SISMES (2018) – Messina (Italia)
    De Fano*, A., Marson, F., Paoletti, P., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Mindful movement: exploring the association between interlimb coordination and cognitive functioning.
  • Mind, Meditation and Innovation Conference (2018) – Copenhagen (Denmark)
    Ben-Soussan*, T.D., Meditation in Motion. QMT and neuroplasticity.
  • Movement – Brain, Body, Cognition (2018) – Boston (USA)
    Paoletti, P., Verdone, L., Caserta M., Venditti S., Vetriani, V., Ben-Soussan*, TD., Molecular education: Endogenous proNGF and proBDNF stimulation following Quadrato Motor Training.
  • Global Experts Meeting on Psychiatry and Mental Health (2018) – Rome (Italy)
    Paoletti, P., Ben-Soussan*, T.D., The effects of Mindful Movement on emotional and neurophysiological well-being.
    Marson*, F., Paoletti, P., Ben-Soussan, T.D., The diagonal movement: electrophysiological effects and clinical implications.
  • 3rd International Mobile Brain/Body Imaging Conference (2018) – Berlin (Germany)
    Marson*, F., Paoletti, P., Lasaponara, S., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Oscillatory EEG modulation during arm movements across sagittal body midline. (Poster presentation)
  • Universal Logic International Conference (2018) – Vichy (France)
    Ben-Soussan*, T.D., Paoletti, P., Philosophy, Art, Science, Economy (PHASE) of self and internal integrity.
  • Special Lecture at Aix-Marseille University (2018) – Marseilles (France)
    Ben-Soussan*, T.D., Meditation in action: neurobiological effects of Quadrato Motor Training: Implications for emotional and physical balance.
  • Spirituality (2018) – Haifa (Israel)
    Ben-Soussan*, T.D., Neuronal and Behavioral effects of Quadrato Motor Training.
  • International Conference of Meditation (2018) – Allahabad (India)
    Ben-Soussan*, T.D., Behavioral and neuronal effects of Quadrato Motor Training.
    Paoletti*, P., From the sphere model of consciousness to the construction of the Egg.
  • ICOMDR 3rd Assembly (2017) – Melgaço (Spa)
    Mazzoli*, E., Salmon, J., Teo, W.P., Pesce, C., Koorts, H., Rinehart, N., May, T., Bes-Soussan, T.D., Barnett, L.M., Breaking up sitting time with a cognitively stimulating motor task: a feasibility study.
  • Movement – Brain, Body, Cognition (2017) – Oxford (U.K.)
    Paoletti*, P., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Creativity in Motion: the Quadrato Motor Training Model.
  • Learning spaces: a dialog between architecture and education (Inside and out: learning spaces) (2017) – Sassari (Italy)
    Ben-Soussan*, T.D., Cognition in Motion: the experience of QMT.
  • National Day of Positive Psychology – “From theory to application: what is the evidence from positive psychology?” (2017) – Rome (Italy)
    Paoletti*, P., Glicksohn, J., Di Giuseppe, T., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Inner design technology: the meliorative effects of mindfulness and QMT on positive emotions.
  • The Arbitrariness of the Sign (2017) – Geneva (Switzerland)
    Paoletti*, P., Glicksohn, J., Berkovich-Ohana, A., Ben-Soussan, T.D., Neurophenomenology of Embodied Symbols – the case of the Square and the EEG.
  • SAN2016 Meeting (2016) – Corfù (Greece)
    Paoletti, P., Ben-Soussan*, T.D., The Quadrato Motor Training model: implications to the treatment of Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.
  • International Congress of Exercise and Sport Sciences (2016) – Netanya (Israel)
    Ben-Soussan. T.D., From Cerebellar Activation and Connectivity to Cognition: The Quadrato Motor Training.
  • 2nd International Conference of Mindfulness (2016) – Rome (Italy)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Inner Design Technology and Neuroplasticity following Training.
  • Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) Featured Regional Meeting (FFRM) (2015) – Thessaloniki (Greece)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., From sensorimotor activation and connectivity to cognition: The Quadrato Motor Training Model.
  • Conference of the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA) (2014) – Minneapolis (USA)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Glicksohn, J., Carducci, F., Neuroplasticity following cognitive-motor training: a multidimensional perspective.
  • World Congress on the Square of Oppositions (2014) – Vatican City (Vatican)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Paoletti, P., Plasticity in the Square—from a philosophical model to neurocognitive applications
  • The First International Conference on Mindfulness (2013) – Rome (Italy)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Mind in Body: Multidisciplinary examination of the effects of whole-body meditations and training.
  • Child Development and Dyslexia International Symposium (2012) – Lancara (Cyprus)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Increased cerebellar alpha activity and improved reading skills in adult dyslexics following Quadrato Motor Training: a MEG study.
  • The 4th Israeli Conference for the Study of Contemporary Spiritualities (ICSCS) (2012) – Haifa (Israele)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Moving into the Square and out of the Box: Effects of Quadrato Motor Training on Cognitive Flexibility and EEG coherence.
  • XII International congress for Decision making and Orientation (2010) – Padova (Italy)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Quadrato technique effects on electrophysiological synchronization and cognitive performance – increasing creativity by training.
  • International Conference “Every Man is an Educator” (2009) – Milan (Italy)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Effects of motor training on brain synchronization and creativity – implications for education.
  • Maraviglia project for advancing art, science and education (2008) – Assisi (Italy)
    Ben-Soussan, T.D., Improving functional connectivity and creativity by training.

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