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Teacher Training

The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation is an institution accredited by MIUR and offers a wide range of training proposals for the school system all across Italy, designed around teachers’ needs and in line with the priorities of the National Plan of Teacher Training.

The Pedagogy for the Third Millennium method is the foundation of the training courses, which are available in various modalities and adjustable depending on the needs of the school and the teachers. 


The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation offers a wide catalog of courses, planned around teachers’ training needs and available with the teacher bonus, which can be found on the Miur Sofia platform.

The training courses take place in-person, online or in a blended modality, integrating courses in the classroom and virtual classrooms with moments of individual study and in-depth analysis. 

The course catalog is divided in 5 areas:

  • Pedagogy and Neuroscience
  • Promotion of wellbeing in the class and distress prevention
  • Study ability and the prevention of educational failure
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Educating in the family

The in-person courses take place at the Paoletti Foundation branches in Rome, Milan and Assisi, and also in other offices across Italy or at the institutions that are requesting them.


To respond to specific needs expressed by principals, teachers, educators and teachers’ assistants, the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation designs tailor-made training courses ad hoc, based on an apt needs assessment. 

The aim is to adequately support the work of teachers and reinforce those skills  

that allow them to competently tackle the ever more complex changes and problems in society and in the world of the school.

Throughout the school year it is possible to request an informal meeting in-person or on skype to analyze the training needs in question. 


The planning experts of the training courses offered to schools at the Paoletti Foundation support you in the request for funding both for public and private schools, and take care of the access to funding through interprofessional funds and funding offered by Miur. 

The consultants support the school in the choice of the best funding opportunity, deal with the relations with the reference fund/agency and take care of the planning and service delivery in compliance with the relevant regulations. The support covers all phases of the project, including those involving reporting and the completion of various administrative practices.

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