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Family Training

With the “Family Training” project the Paoletti Foundation realizes structured courses and single lessons and webinars to support parents to improve the understanding of their children’s and adolescents’ needs in the various phases of their development. The aim of the courses is to explore all the potential of the “parent-child” and “parent-adolescent” relationship, to discover the treasures that it holds and the contribution that this relationship can make to the creation of tomorrow’s world. 

A child who is happy today will be a healthy and responsible adult tomorrow. 

The meetings are held in an interactive way and thus the parents can ask the professional team of the Paoletti Foundation and other parents for advice, to discover knowledge and tools that can orient their educational choices.  

Through the techniques and tools of the Pedagogy for the Third Millennium, based on the solid foundation of the most up-to-date neuroscientific knowledge, parents become able to respond to their most frequent questions, such as: What does our child need and why? What are his/her talents and what does he/she need to develop them? What activities should I propose to him/her and at what age? What kind of parent would I like to be?


  • What happens in the mind of a child and in the mind of an adolescent: neuroscience and education
  • Listening: learn to listen and be listened to
  • Set rules suitable to different ages and needs: the pedagogic no
  • What is a tantrum: how to manage emotions in the parent-child relationship
  • The environment and toys: how to stimulate learning and creativity
  • Educate to love: developing sensitivity, enthusiasm and energy in the relationship
  • Storytelling: the power of narration – language and psycho-emotional development in children and adolescents

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