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Education Emergency

Is the awareness raising campaign that we are realizing every day and all across Italy  since 2010, and which nourishes our projects all over the world. We speak to millions of people every year about the “Education Emergency” because our future depends exclusively on the universal access to education in step with the times.

We are witnessing daily increasing social emergencies, climate alerts, poverty, wars, discrimination and threat to global health. Life quality, peace, wellbeing and sustainable development depend on the extent to which humanity will be able to manage these changes, starting from the way of life of each individual and society as a whole. The true emergency is the educational one. 

For this reason the foundation’s  team of promoters are in the field everyday, in many cities of Italy from North to South, to raise awareness of millions of people in regards to the importance of an education that is innovative, universally accessible, useful to the wellbeing of the individual and the collective life. Education is seen not only as instruction at school, but as a process that lasts through all of our lives (Lifelong Learning). 

It is a process that doesn’t stop at academic knowledge, but allows individuals to express their full potential and learn to live and relate to the world. 

In this campaign scientific and pedagogical research are promoted, but also the respect and appreciation of each person, children’s free access to education, and a high quality education in developing countries. Meeting and recognising the promoters of the Paoletti Foundation is very easy: they wear an orange bib with the words “Education Emergency”, and they have a personal badge with the foundation’s logo and their names always clearly visible, and they are ready to offer many smiles and a lot of enthusiasm. They give those they meet a bracelet with the message “Live Passionately”, which represents a special invitation to be grateful, every day for life itself, and to understand that the happiness of a single person is never separate from the happiness of others.

Countless shopping centers, shops with large-scale distributions, event organizers and institutions in all of Italy constantly support the Education Emergency campaigns. These passionate realities host the promoters in their spaces, allow the foundation to reach ever more people, raise awareness of their mission and introduce its projects.

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