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Change the world
with your company

Collaborate with the Patrizio Paoletti Foundation to promote
education and peace all over the world

Companies are the main agents for change and progress. 85% of Italian companies have their own social responsibility program, which includes donations to social causes or investments in projects of nonprofit organizations, which they support

The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation invites companies to take part actively and collaborate in three areas of intervention:


To support the study and research of the mechanisms that are at the foundation of the functioning of the human brain, in order to develop the potential of each individual and increase the quality of life and social relationships for a future of peace and progress.

Support for education and childhood programs in Italy

Because education is really a collective obligation and represents the true and single possible bet on the future. Only through constant attention to the educational process and childhood can an increase of life quality be produced and represent a solid prerequisite for social progress.

Development support, for education and literacy

To support the rebirth of those areas and countries marked by an extremely high rate of poverty, where children don’t have the possibility to complete an entire cycle of primary education, which is one of the most determining factors of chronic poverty in most areas of the global south.

Advantages for your company

  1. Increased popularity and value of the company brand;
  2. Possibility to spread the company logo on material aimed at new and diversified targets groups;
  3. Creation of an element of distinction on the market.

How to collaborate

  1. Giving financial support to one of the projects in the “Research” and “Schools in the World” areas
  2. Giving additional value to products or services through promotional activity and cause-related marketing
  3. Become sponsor and partner of one of our educational events
  4. Give goods or services for free in support of the foundation
  5. Buy the products of our shop as company presents

Principles that inspire our collaborations with companies

  1. Trust in the value of scientific and educational research, training and education as an indispensable prerequisite of development and human and social progress;
  2. Condemnation of the use of indirect or direct child labor, and the responsible commitment to guarantee a prosperous future to children and adolescents, a future based on the protection of their rights
  3. Pursuit of sustainability and progress objectives
  4. Rejection of any form of human rights violation, violence or racial discrimination

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