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Neuroscience for professional development

To multiply the value of organizations the Paoletti Foundation designs and conducts training courses and consultation for human resources, to bring out and enhance their potential. One of the most compelling challenges in this field is to manage to create and engage cohesive working groups that are determined to reach a common goal. Today we know that we can take full advantage of the plasticity of the brain and thus improve the ability to communicate and interact with others. It is indispensable to train abilities such as listening and social and communication skills in order to tap into the best resources each individual has to offer, and to be able to express, in their role, the greatest possible advantage for the whole.
The Paoletti Foundation offers training courses and one-to-one and group consultations to organizations, in order to promote development and growth of resources.

Supervision: group work to dissolve unproductive dynamics with the aim of improving the flow of communication and foster wellbeing of the team and guarantee the achievement of their objectives.

Counseling: an oriented dialog in a quality relationship that allows the recipient to identify, recognize and recover those personal resources that they need to overcome difficulties and reach every objective. 

Training: face-to-face or distance, tailor-made or chosen from a comprehensive catalog. Being familiar with the functioning of one’s own mind is the prerequisite to use it effectively and productively!
Thanks to the training the team understands how to reposition themselves in a proactive way, in order to serve and bring advantage to the organization with their personal contribution and abilities. In some research conducted at on of the training courses of the Paoletti Foundation, the following benefits were recorded by the organizations:
  • Increase of productivity
  • Reduction of turn-over
  • Improvement of organizational competencies
  • Improvement of the sense of self-efficacy
  • Raising of personal and company awareness
  • Increase of professional satisfaction
  • Neuroscience and effective communication
  • Motivation: mission and vision
  • Negotiation: overcome the conflict
  • Tools and techniques for effective time management
  • Leadership: the various styles

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