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Violence is spreading quickly everywhere in Syria, reaching homes, schools, hospitals, clinics, playgrounds and places of worship. 

Almost 5 million people have been forced to leave their own houses and escape from the country: the largest refugee population as a result of a single conflict in the period of one generation. Half of them are children who have had to renounce school and grow up in a hurry. Thousands of these children are already born as refugees.

The location of our project is Kilis, a city in Turkey 5 km from the Syrian border, where 130 thousand Syrian refugees are living. Only 10% of these have found hospitality in the refugee camps, which are made up of 53% school-age children and young people.The refugees of this area belong to the weakest segment of refugees: adults that were employed in low-profile jobs in Syria, often illiterate and who don’t allow their children to study, but prefer them to work to guarantee the subsistence of the family.

History of the project

New Life for Children has been active on the Turkish territory since January 2016.


  • Guarantee Syrian refugee children in Kilis full access to education and learning the Turkish language and culture to facilitate the integration into Turkey, while at the same time preserving their identity. 
  • By way of artistic, recreational and sports  activities, offer a multicultural social network that allows the development of a sense of belonging to the new territory. 
  • Provide the Syrian refugee children at Kilis a refuge, Bayt al Amal, as a space of personal and cultural development and safeguarding of their rights.
  • Training teachers and educators in the most updated pedagogical techniques, ideas and tools, adapted to a complex context like the one in Kilis.


  • The conditions of life and development of the Syrian refugee children and adolescents have been improved through a broad range educational course.
  • The social coercion amongst the Syrian community has been improved through recreational, artistic and sports activity.
  • The level of integration of the Syrian families into the Turkish social fabric has been improved thanks to the support services and activities of the Bayt al Amal center.
  • The teachers have improved the efficacy of their educational intervention thanks to the continuous education and improvement of their pedagogical knowledge and didactic methodologies.

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