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Health and wellbeing

The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation designs and conducts training courses to enhance the skills of those individuals who are dedicated to people’s health and well-being on a daily basis. The world is changing very rapidly – economically, socially, in terms of values, and environmentally –  and has an ever growing need of professionals trained to respond to different types of distress.

The courses are differentiated, designed to respond to the specific training needs of various professional categories. 

Courses with ECM credits:

  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Nursing staff
  • Other health professionals

MIUR and SICO Counseling accredited courses for:

  • Counselors
  • Family mediators
  • Lawyers
  • Social workers
  • Other relations professionals
The proposed topics are chosen in accordance with the training needs included in the ministerial and mandatory training plans for the professional categories listed. We propose courses for the acquisition or improvement of techniques used in interviews

Some of the proposed topics are:
  • Neuroscience and effective communication
  • The power of the word and of narration
  • Interview techniques
  • Indirect language in consultation interviews
  • Self-esteem
  • Resilience
  • Counseling Skills
  • The neurophysiology of silence

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