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21 Minutes

The ongoing vast and rapid geopolitical and social changes force us to rethink our values that guide our daily lives. Intensifying and increasing our inner awareness is the only way to the future, able to orient assets, governance and make individuals become the key players of change for the common good.

21 minutes is a project started in 2009 by an idea of Patrizio Paoletti to respond to a question: how can we change the direction of what is happening outside of us?

For 13 years this international conference has invited Nobel prize laureates, scientists, leaders, architects, philosophers, entrepreneurs, creative talents, artists, athletes and economists onto its stage. Their speeches, which last exactly 21 minutes, are the model fostering a new way of thinking, of living, and of being. The objective is to link knowledge with experience to bring humanity to a higher level of awareness.

Today it is also a publishing platform full of content offered by the best minds of the planet and which aims to disseminate and evolve human knowledge. Here research and innovability interweave to inspire with ideas and tools for self-education, supporting individuals to learn to recognize and value the best personal resources and orient themselves towards living in a way that is aware, sustainable and useful to the whole.

It proposes itself as a global community for our future, that unites those who desire to contribute to the collective life quality. Whoever participates in 21 Minutes Future has understood that the world we create around us is the reflection of our inner world. Change only takes place if we learn to put our best self in play everyday.

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