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Research that immediately becomes
educational and social action

The activity of the research institute is highly interdisciplinary: neuroscience, psychology, pedagogy, didactics, social research. Results of the research activity in the educational neuroscientific field are immediately oriented towards practicing individual and global improvement of awareness and positive resources in children and adults, in order to orient the community towards wellbeing and peace.


The Patrizio Paoletti Foundation is a non-profit organization and its mission is to conduct research in the neuroscientific, psycho-pedagogical, educational and social fields. The foundation studies how the human being grows, learns, is moved and improves. This is to promote awareness through education, interpreted first of all as self-education.

Connecting the most up-to-date knowledge offered by brain research (investigation of the human being “from the inside”) and psycho-pedagogical research (investigation of the human being “from the outside”) offers practical, immediate, innovative and effective knowledge and tools to education and didactics, supporting people in learning to ‘know how to do’ and ‘how to live’ in order to “be” in a constantly changing world.

Through its educational projects, the foundation works so that every adult becomes more aware of his or her own resources, role and responsibility towards others, so that every child, in every part of the world, finds the right conditions to fully express his or her potential.

Fields of action

  • Statuto e bilancio


    The multidisciplinary scientific approach is the most comprehensive way to investigate how the human being works, how learning works, and thus to discover how to develop one’s potential and make use of the infinite potential of our structure of functioning.


    In Italy, the foundation realizes school programs that promote the development of life skills from early childhood. Frontier schools, in the most difficult contexts of the world, are among the most important projects, and they benefit thousands of children, teachers, educators, social workers and parents.

    LifeLong Learning

    In order to develop adult competencies in the personal, family, professional and social spheres, the foundation implements training programs aimed at parents, teachers, caregivers and relationship professionals.

    Awareness Raising

    The foundation promotes social responsibility through its activities, because personal well-being cannot be separated from social well-being. The quality of life and relationships always benefits society.


Pedagogy for the third millennium

“Pedagogy for the third millennium” (PTM) is an interdisciplinary method of education and self-education conceived by Patrizio Paoletti and developed by the foundation’s neuroscientific, psycho-pedagogical and educational team. Its aim is to respond to the educational needs of our times and anticipate the ones of the future.

It is the tool that the foundation uses to transfer the results of the neuroscientific and psycho-pedagogical research to the field of education and training. It promotes processes of self-education, pedagogical education and global education. It is implemented across all projects and whoever applies it discovers and fully expresses their potential.

The 4 pillars of the Pedagogy for the third millennium

  • Observation

    By acquiring specific techniques and abilities, we can teach ourselves to observe ourselves, others and reality. This allows us to discover new scenarios and find new answers to needs, new opportunities, using potential actions, relationships and thoughts

  • Mediation

    When we discover the laws of communication we learn to listen and balance our inner aspirations and needs, but also to identify our position and that of the other, allowing for a real transmission of knowledge and values

  • Translation

    Using key abilities, we transfer knowledge in a variety of practical applications, projecting ourselves towards a horizon of continuous improvement, where we learn how to learn, always and from everything

  • Normalization

    By listening to our aspirations and launching ourselves towards a horizon of continuous improvement, being inspired by models of success, we can learn to be open to what is new and to the possibility of building the future that we want

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