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Assisi International School

Founded in 2009 thanks to the foundation’s  neuroscientific and psycho-pedagogical research, the Assisi International School is the first bilingual school in Italy that combines the Montessori Method with the Pedagogy for the Third Millennium, offering state-of-the art education.

Assisi International School (AIS) is an innovative educational project and one of the few in the world in which scientific and pedagogical research is immediately applied to the didactics and continuously updated.The school welcomes children and young people from 24 months to 14 years. It offers an innovative, complete and enriched educational path, which includes: the spring section (24-36 months), pre-school (3-6 years), elementary school (6-11 years) and middle school (11-14 years). 

Its strong points are the avantgarde didactics, the teaching of the English language from a young age, the continuous training of the teachers and the wide offer of extracurricular activities. 

The care and improvement of the environment is ongoing and the teaching methods are continuously updated to reach the true objective of the school: promote the best part of each student to prepare them for the continuous and rapid changes of the modern world. 

Where to find us
Via Cristoforo Cecci 2C,
06081 Santa Maria degli Angeli – Assisi (PG)

For more information
Segreteria Assisi International School
Tel: 075 9471123 – 371 1337341 (from 8:30 to 13:00)

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